Everything you need to know before choosing a legging (Part 1)

Leggings are one of those choices that both make you feel comfortable enough and can make you look stylish and well-dressed. But you need to know how to wear these comfortable and lovely pants.

kinds of women’s leggings

  • Summer leggings with delicate and cool fabric
  • Winter leggings with inner fluff to keep legs warm
  • Denim design leggings
  • omen’s sports leggings

Leggings can have different types, each of which has a different use and is suitable for different styles and situations.

  • For a daily and casual style, go for simple cotton leggings, which are comfortable enough and the material does not cause allergies and allows air to pass through it well.
  • Choose a well-shaped legging type for the parties and pay attention to the legging model before the material. The material of the legging suitable for the party can be made of viscose, yarn or synthetic fibers such as synthetic leather, which will have a shiny look.
  • Some types of leggings are designed to be used in sports activities. There are many brands that professionally design women’s sports leggings with beautiful and colorful designs. These leggings will help you to see your body shape well and to be able to stretch well during sports activities.
  • One of the most popular types of women’s leggings are pants known as jeggings. These are actually leggings or legging pants with the design of women’s jeans. These pants look as beautiful and shapely as

Leggings with tunic or blouse for everyday look

In order to use leggings in your everyday look, keep the following points in mind.

  1. Basically, leggings are designed to be worn with almost long dresses. Therefore, it is better not to wear a t-shirt with the length of the waist or torso with your leggings, except in a sports environment.
  2. The best clothes that can go well with all types of leggings are long tunics or blouses that can be worn loosely over pants.
  3. Jeggings or leggings with denim design are suitable for everyday wear.
  4. You can wear a shirt with open buttons over the t-shirt to complete your everyday style.
  5. For the everyday look with leggings, go for accessories and ornaments; Don’t forget the long necklaces that give a different look to your tunic and leg combination.

A combination of leggings and a formal blouse for a party

Leggings are not only designed for everyday wear, but if they are properly matched with other clothes, you can wear them in parties as well. Although they won’t give you a formal evening look anyway, leggings are a good choice for a birthday party or any semi-formal party. To complete your party outfit, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. A thigh-high feminine top, formal tunic, stylish formal blouse or even a short shirt can make your legging ready as an outfit for a party.
  2. Once again, pay attention to the accessories. This time, choose your jewelry from among the more elegant ones to match the style you want. Don’t forget bracelets and earrings.
  3. If your formal blouse is not long enough, wear a women’s formal coat over it. In this way, you will have a completely feminine look suitable for cool spring days.

Sports leggings with top and sneakers for sports

A women’s sports legging is a good choice for various sports such as yoga, aerobics or even bodybuilding; Because it covers your body well and allows you to see your body shape and perform sports movements delicately and accurately.
All you have to do is choose a dress that gives you complete freedom to exercise.
There are different models of sports leggings, such as knee-length leggings or long sports leggings. Choosing between them depends on both the sport you do and your comfort. Pair sports leggings with your favorite sneakers and go on doing your exercise.

Which model of women’s shoes is suitable for leggings?

  • The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing shoes is the type of pants you wear; Because shoes are the closest part of your clothes to pants. Depending on what style of leggings you choose, you can wear different shoes with them.
  • High-heeled shoes for formal wear
  • Women’s flat shoes, doll shoes and ankle boots for all types of everyday leggings
  • sports shoes for sports leggings

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