The Ultimate Lingerie Gift Guide

Choosing gifts may be difficult, but buying underwear presents doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help you choose an unmentionable gift that will help – whether you’re looking to reward yourself or encourage someone else! You may reach out to our friendly fitters seven days a week, and they all have a lot of experience talking to people looking for underwear gift ideas. All of our underwear is beautifully present wrapped and delivered to your door – you may choose a plain box if you don’t want to be surprised!

If you’d like to offer the gift of choice (or, on the other hand, if you’re short on time!), why not purchase an unmentionables gift certificate? They may be used in our stores or online, and we can send them to you so you can use them right away.

Acknowledge The Importance of Size 

Selecting undergarments that are the proper size and fit might be difficult; however, you can be certain that we are here to help you make a perfect choice. Perhaps the big boobed person in your life has been dropping some ‘unpretentious’ hints, or you might suggest a free fitting at one of our stores, but if it’s a surprise gift, you may need to research and figure out what size to opt for. 

A good place to start is with a bra that they use regularly. Take a look inside to see if you can find a suitable size. You’re looking for a number between 28 and 40 for the back size and a letter between D and L for the front size.

For Lace Lovers 

The trim on our bras looks fantastic, and I’m sure it also feels fantastic! Lots of the trim in our bras is a delicate, stretch ribbon that many of our big-boobed friends think is nice and steady. Also, they’re confident in it – and what could be a better present than that? The Lacey blossom bra is a full-cup bra with a Lacey name and a silky feel.

How do you shop for lingerie for someone who appreciates comfort?

Some big people would be incredibly grateful for the gift of consolation, but there is a common misconception that solace equals exhaustion, which is just wrong! We’re here to ‘bust’ that fantasy absolutely with a plethora of lovely and pleasant bras in our comfort section, so the big-boobed individual in your life may appear and feel amazing while also being supported. 

If you’re looking for snuggling underwear present, have a peek at our selection of nightwear. It’s designed with built-in bra support and more room for your boobs – who wouldn’t want to unwind in comfort?

Invest In quality Quality

Invest in great and well-fitting underwear regularly. It will also assure you. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose a breathable texture that has the backing and can be molded.


Purchasing lingerie may be a daunting task. It might be difficult to find something that meets your needs while also being appropriate for your body type or personal style. As you are probably aware, an ill-fitting bra impairs bosom size and form, but it may also cause other concerns such as the neck, back, and shoulder pain. As a result, it’s vital to remember a few dos and don’ts when shopping for lingerie.

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